Some Home Creations


“I bought the Cake Stackers system last year, but recently added the topsy turvy kit. I love this system!!!”



“I love my cake stacker!
Still honing my cake making skills, but I’m loving the cake stacker! Threw this one together for my
great-Nephew’s birthday! 10-8-6 set!”
~Susan Griffith
Fort Worth, TX







My first cake with Cake Stackers! ~ Corina (Netherlands)




Made with cake mix and canned frosting. Can’t get more basic baking than that! Only possible with my Genesis set. It was yummy too:)  genpic5


Recent cake made with the “Genesis” Cake Stackers starter system – design based on Pottery Barn”Hayley” nursery collection – so much fun, and great to send the cake off
on the delivery with confidence! ~Lisa