Are you just starting cake decorating? Want to impress your friends or relatives by creating a two or three tiered perfectly straight cake? Then the Genesis system is for you. Whether you are doing a small wedding cake or even a three tiered cake, with the Cake Stackers™ Genesis support plates you will never worry about your cake falling, leaning or sagging. With Cake Stackers™ your cakes will be perfect every time and safe to transport.

The Cake Stackers™ Genesis Cake Support Set will protect your cake and give it that professional look!


Genesis Home Cake Stacking System

The Genesis cake set even works with the "box cake mix" for finished layered cake tiers. Your Genesis cake support plates come with a matching set of cake boards.

The Genesis beginner cake support system will hold a 10 inch, 8 inch, and 6 inch, three tier cake stacked straight and perfect without cutting or using dowels. The center post adjusts up to 3.5 inches.

Like our professional sets the Genesis is made of food grade aluminum and stainless steel.

Creation Ideas

 home cake stacking systemhome cake stacking systemhome cake stacking system

Three-tiered cakes stacked on the Genesis - beautiful and safe!  Click on tab in the menu above to see more.